WIOC(The World Implant Orthodontic Conference) 全球植入体口腔矫正会议,2014年10月2-5日将与PCSO( Pacific Coast Society of Orthodontists) 举行联合学术会议,地点是美国加州Anaheim市。

   台湾亚太A1支抗钉很荣幸地获得WIOC的邀请,成为本次大会学术专场的四个专题之一。我们邀请了台湾著名口腔界泰斗林锦荣医师,台湾现任牙齿矫治理事会会长廖炯琳医师,美国Dr.John Pobanz,哥伦比亚的Dr.Patricia Vergara,对A1骨性支抗的应用进行全面的分析。



   时间/地点:2014年10月2日 美国加州Anaheim市Marriott会议中心




09:00-09:30Introduction-extraradicular Position of TADsJohn Lin(林锦荣医师)
09:30-10:30Paradigm shift of orthodontic treatment with TADs
Johonny Liaw(廖炯琳医师)
11:00-12:00Insertion techniques and clinical pearls 

Dr.Patricia Vergara

13:00-14:00Touch case made easy with TADsJohnny Liaw (廖炯琳医师)
14:00-15:00Class III treatment & slow LeFort I with TADsJohn Lin(林锦荣医师)
15:30-16:30Innovations of TADs applications Dr.John Pobanz
16:30-17:00FAQ and panel discussion Jonh Lin(林锦荣医师)


1、Paradigm Shifts of Orthodontic Treatement with TADs

2、Indications for TADs

3、Selection of implant sites 

4、Selection of implant system

5、Insertion technique

6、Complications and Risk Management 


8、Tough Cases Made Easy with TADs

   Severe bimaxillary protrusion 

   Class II correction

   Midline Correction

   Treatment of Difficult Class III Malocclusions with TADs 

   Total arch distalization with TADs

   Molar intrusion

   Open bite treatment

   Deep bite correction

   Gummy smile correction

   Occlusal plane canting

   High angle Class II Cases with a retruded chin

   Molar protraction

   Incisal Cant correction with Bioray bracket screw and archwire crosstube

   Canine Substitution with Bioray bracket screw and the hybrid molar uprighting spring

   Molar Intrusion for Open bite with the Bioray bracket screw and the Dumbell attachment and Bonded TPA

   Full arch intrusion for gummy smile correction with Bioray bracket screw/dumbell attachment and Bioray V-screws

   Alveolar Micropeforations to facilitate all movements 

   Bioray screw-supported palatal expansion in adults

   Management of Impacted Canines


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